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If you are serving the retailers in your community please download an evaluation copy of Retail Plus. It is ideal for clients who are reluctant to buy the premier packages due to their complexity and high prices. If you want to offer them an alternative Retail Plus is the one for you. We have a product that sells itself, is very easy to support and allows you a better margin. 

When combined with a receipt printer, scanner and a cash drawer, Retail Plus becomes a great way for neighbourhood computer stores to expand into the POS business. Our previous version (3.0) was very popular. Now we have given it an overhaul and added new features such as programmable keys, returned merchandise authorizations, recurrent billings, enhanced touch screen layouts and more.

We offer a long track record of POS software development, regular upgrades and dealer support. We use modern design standards in order to stay current with markets and technologies.

Becoming A Dealer

Unlike some software developers we do not issue a list of technical and financial requirements you must have. We think you know best how to serve your community and we think you will find our products easy to work with. To receive dealer pricing you need only be in a computer or retail consulting business and commit to buying more than one copy of our software. Call (250)931-2555 or email for more information.

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