Point Of Sale

Canadian Prices And Ordering


New License Upgrade Only

Retail Plus For A Stand-Alone Computer With One Year Of Support

LIMITED TIME OFFER Save $50 on the regular stand-alone license. Order now for

only CAD $349
Upgrade from any previous version for only

CAD $129

Retail Plus For A Multi-User In-Store Network
  With One Year Of Support

CAD $589

 CAD $239










The first year of support and updates for Retail Plus is free.

Renewals Only - The first year of support and upgdates is free. After that the yearly license fee is:

  Renewal Annual Licensing, Support And Upgrades For A Stand- Alone Computer  CAD $99

  Renewal Annual Licensing, Support And Upgrades For An In-Store Network
 CAD $139






POS Software Download

There is no charge to download and try Retail Plus. It is a fully functional program with no disabled features.

If you wish to buy a license key after trying it you have two options:

  • call us and place your order in person,

  • use PayPal for a secure credit card transaction,

    The network licenses support an unlimited number of workstations. All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.  

Return Policy:

Prospective clients have a 60 day free trial on all software products before buying a license key. Free telephone support is available during the trial period. In keeping with software industry practice, once a product license key has been delivered it cannot be returned.


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