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QuickBooks Integration

You do not need QuickBooks to use Retail Plus but we offer some integration features to those who want to use them. Our links to this popular accounting package were developed with Intuit's QB-XML applications integration standard. That simply means we have used Intuit's own software development tools to create those links. This is your guarantee that the way Retail Plus communicates with QuickBooks meets Intuit's requirements for data integrity.

You must be running QuickBooks Pro or Premier. It does not link to the Basic or Online Edition.

In order for the two programs to communicate you must have your QuickBooks company file open in multi-user mode and Retail Plus must be registered in QuickBooks as an unrestricted user. Retail Plus does not require you to have QuickBooks open at the same time as you make sales in order for the accounting data to be posted.  You always have the freedom to choose when and what information is passed to the accounting system before it is posted.

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