If you’re a business owner, you must already know how important a point of sale system (POS) is for your company. They can help your company save time and money when processing sales as well as organize your products and customer information for ease of access and use.

POS systems can be very useful for small businesses as well as large ones as they all require a means of taking orders, payments, and converting sales data into accounting reports that can help the businesses grow. A good POS system will make things better for the business rather than causing drawbacks from technical difficulties, confusing interfaces, or even hackers.

So if you’re not a business owner or are trying to learn more about POS systems, you are most likely already asking yourself, “What exactly is a POS system?” Let’s break it down into parts.

What is a POS system?

A POS system is what we normally call a “cash register” when speaking about a retail store’s paying station or terminal. The newer POS versions are digital, meaning they work with software and hardware to do all the things a cash register would require cashiers to do manually.

A basic POS system will include a touchscreen monitor, an automatic cash drawer, a barcode scanner, and a printer receipt. More advanced systems, however, will also include weight scales, portable inventory counters, customer displays, and barcode printers, among other high-quality tech.

In addition to these hardware parts, the best POS systems will have superior POS software that can help with payment processing, inventory management, eCommerce integration, and sales reports generation. It should also have the means to access loyalty programs as well as employee management options.

POS software like Retail Plus, which is free for small businesses with 150 or fewer clients and products, will help establish a solid ground for your scalable business. Our Retail Plus Point of Sale software will keep your cashiers and managers informed, sales increasing, and even help improve your email marketing strategies.

What are the differences between paid and free POS systems?

When it comes to paid and free POS systems, there’s always an advantage to going with the free version—zero expenses. When starting your new business, you will most likely have less than 100 clients in your database, and even fewer repeat clients overall. Because of this, you will most likely not be able to afford a monthly bill for a POS system. So your best option is to go for a free version.

That’s where Retail Plus comes into play.

Our software can help save you money so you can invest it in other important areas of your small business. Retail Plus will help manage your budget as well as record sales and invoicing so you can focus on growing your retail store. A paid POS system will force you to incur additional expenses your business does not really need at the moment.

Here’s why Retail Plus is perfect for your business.

A quality POS software like Retail Plus offers free services for any small business looking for scalability and an easy way to process payments. It can also help your business improve analytics and sales metrics by generating reports that can be automatically sent to your accounting department.

Moreover, your business can benefit from Retail Plus’s wide array of features such as multiple security levels, payroll management, staff time-clock, and debit and credit card payments. You also get gift card payment processing, software integrations, sales suggestions, product photos, and multi-lane accessibility.

Additionally, you get a client database for 150 customers in which you can store their details such as email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, and photo IDs. Our POS software also stores client prices and tax setups, detailed purchase history, custom orders, and reward points. You can also quickly search for customers in the database and sort their transactions by purchase dates.

Furthermore, you get an inventory control feature that will help you view purchase orders, sales promotions, and serial numbers. You can also manage gift baskets and kits as well as view your vendors’ databases. You can import and export the information on this inventory.

Not to mention, our free POS software comes with customer support and software updates for one year for one terminal or an in-store network of terminals. Our inventory system can help you balance your customers’ and bankers’ expectations. It can also help you automatically generate purchase orders as well as read data from portable stock counting devices.

We offer all of these features free of cost so your business can succeed and continue to grow with Retail Plus.

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