Worldpay specializes in integrated payment processing solutions that are seamlessly embedded in Retail Plus. Both their two-second Internet protocol (IP) and dial-up platforms include free, value-added services, such as gift card processing, 24/7 technical support, and real-time Web reports to assist merchants in managing their businesses.

What kind of Internet Connection is required?

While the best performance will be achieved with a DSL or cable connection, a dial-up connection will still produce less than 5-second transactions.

Does it cost more than my current credit card processing?

No. Even though it’s much faster, it is also cheaper than almost any dial-up plan. Your representative will ask for your current credit card statements and get you a rate as good or better than what you currently pay.

Is it hard to change processors?

No, it’s painless! Plus there is an optional browser-based system for reviewing transactions.

Is it safe? Is it reliable?

All transactions are heavily encrypted. There is redundancy on all major system components. Your transactions will be safe and faster than ever before!

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