Retail Plus 5.0 Network Upgrade

Please Write Down Your License Key:




Go to the Main Menu and pull Help down to License Key and enter the license number.


It is very easy to network Retail Plus. Here are the basic steps:
Connect your computers with Fast Ethernet cable.
– Decide which machine will contain Retail Plus and all it’s data (we call this the host) and install Retail Plus on it. Do not install Retail Plus on any other machines except the host.
– Right click on the Retail Plus folder, select Sharing and enable it. Windows may give you some warnings about security but don’t let that stop you. For the basics on Windows file sharing please see
– Go to each workstation on the network and open Windows Explorer / This PC. Pull Tools down to Map Network Drive and follow the Wizard.
– On each workstation use Windows Explorer to create a shortcut pointing to PLUS50.EXE. Just open Windows Explorer and navigate it to the network drive where you will see the contents of the Retail Plus folder on the host machine. Right click on PLUS50.EXE and select Create Shortcut. Once the shortcut is created you can drag it onto the desktop.
Some configurations in the Retail Plus Setup screen are workstation-specific so make sure you open the Setup screen on each one and check the settings.

If you wish to use the on-screen credit, debit and gift card processing that is already built into Retail Plus please call for more information.
If you have any questions call 888-272-4874 or email