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      Retail Plus POS has teamed up with X-Charge to offer an excellent solution for credit, debit and gift card processing. X-Charge has agreed to supply all Retail Plus customers free processing & reporting software and to get you started without any application fees. Best of all, X-Charge has beaten the rate for over 70% of the merchants who have investigated using X-Charge!

      Benefits of using X-Charge

      • X-Charge is easy to set up and works anywhere in the USA and Canada.
      • X-Charge works with your existing bank accounts.
      • X-Charge authorizes a transaction in less than 20 seconds.
      • X-Charge offers real time support. No more waiting days for call backs.
      • X-Charge has simple, clear, Windows formatted reporting.
      • X-Charge is a complete payment processing system – no more wondering if problems are software related or processor related. If you have an issue, you deal with one company.

      Integration Eliminates the Chance for Fraud or Error Due to Double Entry

      No re-keying of the sales amount is required. The amount tendered in Retail Plus is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge. This integration eliminates the chance for fraud or error.

      Integration Provides a One-to-One Audit Trail

      Every credit card transaction in Retail Plus has a corresponding transaction within X-Charge, never missed or erroneously keyed.

      Consumes No Counter Space

      Counter space is at a premium. X-Charge software runs directly on the Retail Plus POS station replacing standalone bank terminals, reducing the clutter at the checkout counter and providing more valuable space for selling.

      X-Charge is Easy For Your Clerks

      Your clerks simply tender the sale normally and swipe the customers credit card … X-Charge does the rest. Your clerks will no longer have to move from the POS station, to the standalone terminal, back to the POS station.

      Data, Data, Data

      X-Charge can print meaningful management reports, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and user defined time period reporting. Much more information than stand alone credit card terminals can provide.

      For more information or to enroll please call 888-414-9925.