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Add Point Of Sale Systems To Your Product Line

Are you serving small business in your community?  If so, check out Retail Plus Point Of Sale Software.  It is ideal for clients who worry about complicated, expensive systems with big training requirements. When combined with your own hardware you will have a POS system that sells itself and allows you a better margin.

When combined with a receipt printer, scanner and a cash drawer, Retail Plus becomes a great way to expand into the POS business.  Best of all – we do the phone support!  You, your staff and your clients get free one-on-one tutorials via TeamViewer.  Just ask for a remote tech and we do the rest.  Retail Plus offers a 25 year record of POS software development and expert, reliable support.

Becoming a Retail Plus POS Software Dealer

To receive dealer pricing you need only be in a computer or retail consulting business and commit to buying more than one copy. Unlike some software developers we do not issue a list of technical certifications you must have. We think you know best how to serve your community and we think you will find our system easy to work with.

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