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Retail Plus Point Of Sale - POS Software Pricing

Your business deserves a great point of sale system. Retail Plus offers POS software that contains the features you need to control inventory, manage counter sales, integrate online sales, track customers, process credit cards, get your invoices out, and much more.

Free Version

Our free POS software includes customer tracking for up to 100 clients and up to 100 inventory items.

Pro Version

Unlimited database size. To set up a new small business, add an additional location, or upgrade from the free version, please select one of the following licenses.

Version Upgrade

Do you have an older version, or do you need to upgrade for multiple workstations? Get the new Version 5.2 upgrade now.

Annual Support Renewal

To renew your license for another year, please select one of the following options..

Get Started

  1. Download Retail Plus POS software
  2. Choose <POS hardware for your POS system
  3. Call us at 888-272-4874 to schedule a free live integration tutorial

How much does a point of sale (POS) system cost?

If you need to keep costs down there are several options:

1 – Systems that advertise themselves as free. But they lock you into expensive card processing fees, charge extra for features and functions that really should be standard, or charge for support (which is important to have). 

2 – Systems that are full-featured and truly low cost but require that you set it up yourself with help and advice from their tech support. 

3 – Systems that are full-featured and free for start-up businesses. You can use them and get support as long as your inventory is relatively small – say under 150 items. As soon as your business grows you will need to pay a licensing and support fee.

4 – Systems that combine 2 and 3. 

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