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Support your staff:

  • Age Verification – just swipe a driver’s license.
  • Purchase Limits – automatically alert your staff if limits have been exceeded.
  • Hours of Operation Compliance – Ensure you only operate within the legal hours.
  • Reporting Requirements – Get the reports you need for regulatory submissions.

Delight your customers:

  • Lightning-fast checkout.
  • Personalized customer records.
  • Built-in loyalty programs to keep them coming back.

Simplify Management Tasks:

  • Keep complete and accurate records.
  • Determine top-selling products with real-time inventory reporting.
  • Predict consumer demands and navigate internal buying decisions.
  • Track customer preferences so you can directly target your customer base with the right messaging.
  • Add new customers and locate repeat shoppers with cannabis POS software that simplifies the task.

Download Your Copy Now

Downloading Retail Plus will transfer a free copy to your computer. This is a fully functional system with no disabled features. It installs quickly and contains sample data so you can try it without any long set-ups.

Retail Plus has been a life-saver for me and I don’t have to hire a computer genius to take care of it.
Sue Haberman

Store Owner, Chadron, Nebraska

I have looked at a lot of POS software out there
– and I mean a lot –
and I liked Retail Plus the best.
Jason Riel

Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, California


A Guide To Planning For Cannabis Retailing Success

The legalization of cannabis presents an enormous opportunity for retailers in Canada but you must develop your market entry plan to fully realize this opportunity. Take into consideration the need for a strong operating model, differentiating your store using customer experience, the importance of stakeholder and community relations, and ongoing innovation for success in the long term. By implementing these core elements your businesses will  effectively be able to capture market share and maintain a strong position as the industry grows.

In developing a market entry strategy, cannabis retailers must ask the right questions regarding operating their model, customer experience, government and stakeholder relations, community responsibility and continued innovation. Doing so will allow retailers to establish themselves from the start. The more of the following questions you can answer the more likely you will succeed in your venture.


  • What are our mission and vision, and ultimately our purpose?
  • What do we want to be known for?
  • Who is our customer?
  • Do our mission, vision and purpose resonate with our customer?
  • What is our long-term vision in our province(s) of operation?
  • How are we differentiating ourselves from other retailers?

Operating Model:

  • How do we organize to best get things done?
  • What are our key metrics and how do we measure success?
  • What does our management style look like?
  • What experience do we build in for the customer?
  • How can we leverage analytics to approach and connect with today’s “smart” consumers?

Customer Experience:

  • How do we delight our customers, reward them and build loyalty?
  • How do we ensure our product selections are aligned to our customers’ demands?
  • What does our retail store look like and how does that support the intended customer experience?
  • What systems do we have in place to ensure that high-demand products are always in stock?
  • What can we do to empower employees to be brand ambassadors of the customer experience?
  • What opportunities are there for personalization of experience?
  • How do we generate and incorporate feedback and insights from our customers?
  • What is the role of our employees, processes and tools in delivering an improved customer experience?
  • How (and to what level) will we train our front-line associates on products and customer education?

Compliance And Stakeholder Relations:

  • Who are our key stakeholders?
  • What are the appropriate methods of communication with the government and our key stakeholders?
  • How can we build relationships with key influencers to be a part of the discussion on future regulatory changes?
  • What will we do to proactively ensure that employees at all levels of our organization are complying with legislation?
  • How will we mitigate risks of potential adverse changes in regulation?

Community And Social Responsibility:

  • How will we measure our social impact?
  • What opportunities exist for strategic community partnerships?
  • How can we engage our employees in community and social responsibility initiatives?
  • How will we participate in community-based education?
  • How will we engage in constructive dialogue with and respond to concerns of key community members?


  • How do we adapt to changing customer preferences and methods of consumption?
  • How do we align our current offering with key growth segments?
  • What is the role of digital and how do we leverage technology to improve strategy and customer experience?
  • What is our digital roadmap?


It’s been several years since legalization in Canada. The federal government aimed to protect the health and safety of Canadian cannabis consumers, curb the black market, and enable a new source of economic growth. But has the sector delivered the economic prosperity that governments and other observers anticipated? And what impact has the cannabis industry had on the social fabric of Canada?

Deloitte’s latest cannabis report—An industry makes its mark—answers these questions. They gathered data to estimate the direct, indirect, and induced economic contribution of the cannabis sector. Based on our findings, it seems clear that the cannabis industry has been a great success. This potential will only increase as the industry continues to grow.

Their analysis also shows that there are still opportunities for the Canadian cannabis sector to make a greater social contribution and address its considerable environmental footprint. Deloitte believes the cannabis industry can address these issues. Download the report and discover the key next steps for the industry.

Deloitte has also examined consumer sales data alongside their recent survey of cannabis consumer preferences. The goal? To better understand pricing dynamics in both the Canadian and American adult-use cannabis markets.

They reveal some fundamental similarities between cannabis and other consumer markets—and some key differences. Download the full report. 

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