Are you ready to upgrade to version 4.0?

Here are the upgrading steps in sequence:

  1. In the older version run the Backup command and let Retail Plus write the data files to a backup folder on the local C: drive. The menu path is: Tools / Backup / OK. If you are also installing on a new computer let Retail Plus write the data files to a memory key or thumb drive instead.
  2. If you don’t already have one, get a license key for the new version here and Download Version 4.0
  3. Create a fresh installation of Retail Plus 4.0 on the same machine or a new one. If it is the same machine do not install it into the same folder as the old version. The easiest thing to do is just accept the installer defaults. If it’s a new computer then copy the Backup folder you just made on the old computer onto the new computer.
  4. Run the Restore command and point the file dialog at the Backup folder. The menu path is: Tools / Backup / Restore…
  5. When the restore operation is done (it usually goes very fast) update the file structures using the Rebuild command. The menu path is: Tools / Backup / Rebuild…

If you are planning to print your own barcode labels you may need a bar code font installed on your computer. Just locate the font file named 3OF9.TTF in the Retail Plus folder and right-click on it. Select Install and it’s done.

Some of the New Features available in Retail Plus Version 4.0:

  • Set up programmable buttons for quick sale of the most popular items (FastKeys).
  • Add an extra discount for cash paying customers.
  • Switch between printing receipts and full page invoices.
  • Faster, easier and more flexible inventory & client lookups. Locate items using word searches rather than indexed fields.
  • New “Split Tender” window for customers who present two methods of payment in one transaction.
  • Simple setups for POS hardware.
  • Recurrent billings for things like memberships or subscriptions.
  • A new sales-by-supplier report.
  • Display the total margin on a transaction in progress – good for negotiating a package price.
  • Support for Zebra and Wasp barcode printers.
  • Improved backup and restore function.
  • Issue RMA’s (returned merchandise authorizations) to customers and track RMA’s from suppliers.
  • Canadian penny rounding.
  • And many more small convenience features, including Windows 10 compatibility. 
  • More Card processing options.